Hubilo Product Updates for August 2022!


Hello Organizers! Hope you had an eventful month of August with Hubilo. We are excited to inform you about the new features and enhancements released in August at Hubilo!

  • Capture memories with Group Portrait on Hubilo Broadcast Studio:

    With the new Group Portrait update on Hubilo Broadcast Studio, panelists or speakers can initiate a group portrait between them and the audience attending the session. This makes the audience feel involved, driving greater audience engagement and participation. The group portrait can also be shared across social media by audiences and organizers alike for marketing and promotion of your event.

    - Available with all the plans.

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  • Personalize event messages and run targeted campaigns with Email Marketing Engine

    Hubilo Email Marketing Engine is a powerful yet easy-to-use email automation tool that lets you personalize all your event-related messages according to your brand and run targeted event marketing campaigns from your Hubilo Dashboard.

    It will be available as -

    Automated Emails - (predefined emails like invite, registration, transaction, etc. which get automatically triggered). Available for all plans.
    Custom Emails - (fully customizable emails that can be scheduled as required to target specific attendee groups). Available for Pro and Enterprise plans only.

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  • Copy your existing event -

    Copy Event feature enables you to copy an event. As part of this, you will be able to choose the items of the event that you desire to copy like: Sessions, Speakers, Virtual booths, Lounges, Settings, and Branding.

    - Available with all the plans.

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  • Configuration Options For Sessions

    Know about the various types of configuration options for your agenda session. On Hubilo, you can host your agenda session with various types of configuration options as per your event type. For example -

  • Sessions with Live Streaming & Engagement

  • Sessions with only Engagement options

  • Sessions with no Streaming & Engagement

    - Available with all the plans.

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  • Discount Codes are available under Ticket Order Report

    The Discount name and the Discount code information for the tickets will be available for both the order level and the attendee level (tabs) in the order report.


  • IBM Watson as a Streaming Source-

    IBM Watson as a Streaming Source is a useful feature that allows you to stream those sessions on the Hubilo Platform which are actually generated from the IBM Watson Media.

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  • Add your own video player to a session -

    We have added more options in session streaming, wherein you can either add Player Link which will open up on a new tab, or Player Code which will be embedded within the session window on the Hubilo platform.

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  • Embed Registration Ticket Widget -

    Once you've created the tickets for your event, you can now either host these tickets on the event landing page or can also embed the ticket widget to your external website via HTML code.

    - Available with all the plans.

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  • Enhancements in Room -

    We have released 2 enhancements to improve the experience in the Room module on the platform.

    1. Moderators can go off screen during ongoing room sessions now

    2. Full-screen option will be available during screen share


  • Some features are available with certain subscription plans only. For more information on any particular feature, connect with your CXM/AM.