How to configure notifications for the event triggers on email and in app?

As an admin, you have the functionality available on the dashboard to decide which actions in the event app should trigger notifications to users.

Under the Settings section, open the Notification tab. Here you’ll be able to enable or disable the toggle for each action & the mode of communication i.e. Email & In-app push notification.

Type of notification based on user action in the app:

  • Profile View: If a user profile is viewed by another user in-app, a notification will be sent.

  • Message: A notification will be sent for any new message in chat

  • Meetings: A meeting notification will be sent to the user, for any new meeting request or for a meeting reminder (5 min prior)

  • Admin Post/Poll: A notification will be sent to all user in-app, whenever admin post or creates & publish a poll. on the event feed

  • Session Registration: A notification will be sent to users for their respective session registrations.

  • Session Go Live: A system notification will be sent to all users as & when a session goes live.