How to add custom code?



When it comes to a virtual event, the job is far from done with the event being live, The next part is to add the ability to interact via chatbots, provide accessibility support or give a unique look to your event web app with custom CSS code.


What can we be added via custom code?

Steps to add Custom Code:


Step 1: Click on Configure

Step 2: Select where you want to show your custom code

  • Community - This is your main event web app, wherein your event activities would take place.

  • Landing Page - This is a brief overview page for your event, wherein your registration tickets are also displayed. Being a landing page, your users would land up on this page for event registration and to view event information.

Step 3: Add Code:

  • The custom code section is the place where you can simply paste the custom code you'd want to use for your event community or landing page.

Add Accessibility support on your Hubilo Event Web-Page with AudioEye


AudioEye is an industry-leading software solution delivering ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance plans at scale.


It would provide you with us various accessibility options on event web-page like:

  1. Change in font text/size for visibility

  2. Changes in contrast/color shift

  3. Focus/cursor

  4. Updates in page structure to make it more accessible

Link for more details for AudioEye:


Steps to set up AudioEye solution on Hubilo

  1. Get a license and account from AudioEye

  2. Get the custom code from their portal

  3. On Hubilo

    1. Log on to Hubilo Dashboard

    2. Paste the custom code in the header and body > Save


You can check AudioEye working on Hubilo Event here - Demo Event


Note: AudioEye license needs to be managed & owned at the customers' end.


How to add a chatbot to your event page?

  1. Head to your chatbot account.

  2. Copy embed code

  3. Open Hubilo Dashboard > settings > Custom Code > Configure

  4. Paste the embed code

  5. The chat pop-up embed code may appear as an empty wireframe. Don't worry, when viewed live it will display the gallery as expected.

  6. Click "Save" to save your changes to the page.

  7. Click "Go To Event" to see the chat pop-up on your event web app.



> Chatbots you can use on Hubilo:, Intercom & Tidio

Add your own custom CSS code


Give a unique & different look to your event web app with custom CSS code. You can either build your own CSS code or get in touch with your CXM.


CXM would share some standard CSS code templates which you can use on your event.


To further customize it, you would have to involve your web developer for it.


You can also paste your CSS code into the Event Settings > Custom Code in the header & body sections.

For more information - Connect with your CXM.


Tracking Pixel:


To track the traffic on your event registration page, you can directly add your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Outbrain Code to our Tracking Pixel feature in the ticket registration section on the dashboard.


If you have already added a Tracking ID in the ticketing section, then you don't have to add it again in the Custom Code section on the dashboard.


To help users we have also added a section to this page that will show tracking pixels that are already added to your event - ticketing.