In legal settings, how to configure the labels, descriptions, and links for your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, and Cookie Policy?

We at Hubilo understand, value, and welcome each company's culture, we believe in your belief. This brings us to understand this article about the various terms and conditions and privacy policy for security and acknowledgment reasons.

On the event dashboard, under the Setting > Legal tab, You can state all your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies in one pre-populated tab according to your convenience.

You also have the option to add the link to terms & conditions & privacy policy from your website. Toggle On the I have a Link tab and paste the link.


Your attendee would be able to see it on Login Screen or under the privacy setting on the event page and by clicking on it they'd be redirected to the entire policy updated by you on the dashboard.


Cookie Policy:
You can toggle on the Cookie Policy in order to inform your attendees that the event website uses cookies.


You can state your Cookie Policy or use the default system text that is provided.


You can also add an URL by toggling on the 'I Have Link', if you want to redirect your attendees to a different site for the Cookie Policy.


You can customize the Cookie Policy Description and Cookie Banner Message if needed.


You can also select the Consent Dialog Type as Box or Banner to determine where and how the Cookie Policy should appear on the Login page.

Once you have selected the Dialog Type, you can select the Consent Dialog Position from the dropdown and see the preview of how it will be displayed.


  • Cookie Settings will have Essentials and Analytics, which are on by default.

  • If the Attendee closes the banner and proceeds further then they are accepting Essentials and Analytics.

  • Once they close/accept there will be a cookie icon. If they click on the cookie icon. it will show the cookie settings modal every time where the attendee will enable/disable the analytics.

  • Cookie Icon will be replaced with Cookie Banner only when the attendee deletes them explicitly from Browser settings.

Example of Box Position at Floating Top-Left on the Login page:

Example of Banner Position at Banner Bottom on the Login page:

Essentials and Analytics in Cookie Settings:

Once filled you can click on 'Save' and preview them on the event community.