What is matchmaking? How to create matchmaking fields?


Enhance networking in the event by adding customize fields to automatically connect your attendees, speakers, and virtual booth members to make the event better with meaningful connections

Matchmaking on Hubilo:

Hubilo provides options to derive more engagement in your event, by providing matchmaking fields for your users to select their Interest, Industry Type & their offerings to help improve networking.

How to create matchmaking fields?

Under the Setting tab > open the Matchmaking Field section.

Here you'll have the option to add your own values for :

  • Interest

  • Industry Type

  • Offerings

The existing values can be customized individually by clicking the "Customise" button.

To Bulk upload the fields:

Step 1: Click on "Bulk Upload".


Step 2: Download the template.


Step 3: Make the required changes to the file and upload it.

Step 4: Click "Save".