How to add a group? How to set chat and meeting permissions for a group?

Group settings will help you to configure the predefined groups, add new groups, and set various permissions. You can assign the people to groups in the People section


Sometimes, it is possible that certain features of the event are made only for a certain set of users who have been added to the event platform.

This is where the Groups feature comes into the picture. Admin can create specific User Groups and segregate & add the users accordingly.

Once done, this allows for restriction or provides access to certain features or functionality of the event app to specific user groups as required.

By default: These 3 groups will be available on the dashboard & you can add the users to them accordingly. Additionally, you can create a custom onsite group as well.

Attendee, Speaker & Booth Member

How to add a group?

Step 1: Open the Event Dashboard > Settings
Step 2: Click on Groups
Step 3: Click on Add A Group > Add Group Name > Add Initialize The Same Settings As > Save



To add a Custom Onsite Group -

1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Groups > Add a Group > Add a Group Name > Initialize the same settings as Onsite Group and Save.

How to configure engagement & networking permissions for a group?

Step 1: Open the Event Dashboard > Settings
Step 2: Click on Groups > A new window will show up on the right side
Step 3: Here you can configure Meeting, Chat, Onboarding & Functionality settings for each group.

Please Note -

  • If the Attendee is part of one Onsite group, they will be treated as an Onsite Attendee.

  • When an attendee is part of multiple on-site attendee groups, the last on-site group they were added to will be reflected on the Eventdex.

  • The Organizer will have the ability to delete the Onsite Group. If an on-site group is deleted in such a scenario, the attendees who were part of only that group will be allocated to the corresponding virtual group by default.

  • After deleting the onsite group, the default group assigned will be virtual and once a whole group is marked virtual, the data will not be deleted from the partner dashboard ( Eventdex ) and attendees of that group will still have QR codes in the emails if sent earlier. The group needs to be deleted from Eventdex manually.