How to move sections between the top and side panels?


On the New Community, the available tabs are divided into 2 sections based on the visibility on the platform. (Top and Side Navigation)


You have the ability to move the tabs between the two available options.
To move any tab, simply drag and drop the items and place them in the order you would like to display.


Steps to configure settings & setup visibility for different groups are as follows:

Step 1: Open dashboard > Settings > Event Sections



Step 2: Click on section name > A new window will show up on the right side.
You can update the tab label of your choice and it would reflect instantly.

Step 3: The section has its own settings along with the option to modify visibility.

Step 4: Configure the settings accordingly > Save


Moving tabs between sections.

All the tabs can be moved between the top navigation and side navigation.

To move the tab simply drag and drop the sections. The top navigation can have a maximum of 7 sections.

It is mandatory to have 1 visible section in each navigation.