How to set up SSO?

Greater security and compliance is something that all organizations hosting virtual events strive for. To address this need, we have developed functionality that will allow you to choose the level of authentication required on an event-by-event basis.

Apart from the option of social and email logins, Hubilo supports SSO as a login option as well . This means that you can enable SSO for login authentication, to centralize and simplify the user experience, while controlling access to your events.

Note: An organizer may need assistance from their respective IT team for the configuration.

Please follow the steps below to configure the SSO :

Step 1: Click on "Integrations" on top panel of the dashboard.

Step 2: The SSO option will be available under the Security section.


Step 3: Click on the "Connect" button of the SSO.



Step 4: Enter the organization name. To define authentication, you will have 2 options :

a)For added email domain(s) only


If you choose this option, Hubilo will allow only those attendees to login whose domain will match the domain list added by you.


You have the option to restrict login to either a single domain or a list of multiple domains. If you don’t want to restrict login to domain(s), please see the other option below. However, we recommend that you opt for the first option due to the added security.


b) For any email domain :


If you select this option for authentication, the attendee logins will be authenticated by your SSO provider (Identity Provider). However, Hubilo will not check if the attendee email domain matches the added domain(s).


Adding email domains becomes an optional step here.



You can also enable SSO for all your events in a single-click by turning on "Enable SSO for all events" toggle. If enabled, all the existing events, and any event created in the future, will have SSO as a login option.

Turning it off later, will disable SSO from all existing and future events.


Note: You can still enable/disable SSO for each individual event by selecting the event, navigating to the settings menu from left panel, and going to Login Options.


Step 5 : Once done, click on "Connect" and you will be redirected to our SSO partner page. You can select your SSO provider (identity manager) to proceed with the configuration to make sure that only people from your organization will be able to login via SSO.


Proceed with the selection, and complete the multi-step configuration process thereafter with the help of your IT team.



Upon successful configuration, the SSO card on the Hubilo dashboard will display a "Connected" state.


Editing and Disconnecting SSO:


If you want to make any changes like adding/removing domain names, changing the organization name, etc., please navigate to the SSO card, click on the settings icon, and you will be able to make the required changes. Once done, click Save.


Note: You will not be redirected to our partner page after making the edits. If you want to change your SSO provider or setup a different organization, you will need to disconnect, and begin from Step 1.


To disconnect the SSO from the events on Hubilo, click on the disconnect button in the SSO settings menu to see a pop-up. Upon confirmation, SSO will be disconnected and removed from all the events. Furthermore, all the SSO configurations and the entire setup with our SSO partner will be reset. You will need to start from Step 1 once disconnected.


Please note that if you choose to disconnect an SSO connection in the middle of an ongoing event, it will not impact the already logged-in users of the event or the user data in the People section of the dashboard. However, new attendees will no longer be able to login to the event.


Note :


1) If you have more than one organizer account with us, please make sure that you use a unique set of domain name(s) for each account. Organizer will not be able to configure the same email domain(s) in multiple accounts. However, once disconnected, you will be able to configure the domain name(s) in any other account.


2) We have 2 types of access to the events: Restricted and Unrestricted. These settings can be changed from organizer dashboard -> Event -> Settings -> Login Options -> Restrict Access.

  • If Restrict Access toggle is turned ON then:

    a) If a user is registered on Hubilo, they will be allowed to login.

    b) If a user is Not registered on Hubilo, they will see an error message while logging in.

  • If Restrict Access toggle is turned OFF then:

    a) If a user is registered on Hubilo, they will be allowed to login.

    b) If a user is not registered on Hubilo, after successful sign-up using SSO, they will be taken through event-sign-up process where they can register and attend the event.