Export data from Hubilo to Eloqua

Export your attendee data(magic link and other analytics) to Eloqua:

With this integration - you can export the following data from Hubilo to Eloqua:



  • Create fields in contact information on your Eloqua Account.
    How to create custom contact fields on Eloqua

  • These fields would be later mapped with Hubilo Event (user profile fields), Once the integration is in place the data would be sent to Eloqua & stored in the respective fields

  • Following data can be exported from Hubilo Event to your Eloqua Contact, therefore create these custom fields beforehand.

  • Following data can be exported for Session Attendance. Ensure to create these custom objects on Eloqua (the Unique Code field is important)
    How to create custom objects on Eloqua



Steps to be followed to Integrate Eloqua to export registrations from Hubilo:


Step 1: Log in to your Hubilo account. Click on "Integrations".


Step 2: Find the Eloqua Integration Card under the Integrations Tab and Click on Connect button.




Step 3: Authentication Workflow:

Click the connect button, choose 'New Authentication', fill in the required details, and log in to your Eloqua account to proceed.




Step 4: Map the Hubilo fields you wish to export to your Eloqua Contact Field.


Profile Fields to be supported for the Export Registration step(Hubilo Fields):

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Id

  • Contact Number

  • Gender

  • Company (Organisation) Name

  • Designation

  • Hubilo Magic Link

  • Country

  • City

  • State

  • Events registered

  • Events attended

  • Website

  • Facebook link

  • Twitter link

  • Instagram link

Please ensure you have these fields with the respective data types set up in your Eloqua Contact to avoid any integration issues.


Step 5: Once fields are mapped > click on Next > Export Session Attendance window will open up.


Here you can select the custom object where you would like to export the Session Attendance Analytics on Eloqua.




Ensure to create of custom object fields on Eloqua to store Session Attendance.

Hubilo Fields to be supported for Export Session Attendance Analytics:

  • First Name - String

  • Last Name - String

  • Email - String

  • Session ID - String

  • Session Start time(date time) - String

  • Session Name - String

  • Event Name - String

  • Event ID - String

  • Stream Mode - String

  • Join Time - String

  • User Type - String

  • Session Duration(Time Spent in Session, this will be in “HH:MM:SS“) - String

  • Hubilo Session ID - String

  • Unique Code Field - String - This is a unique field (used by Hubilo to update the session analytics for each registrant in real time) that you will need to map with the unique code of the custom object on the Eloqua side.




Custom Object Record View on Eloqua - Showing Session Attendance Data (Example)





Step 6: Map your event by selecting the respective event.


Select the event to automate the connection for future events that would be created.

This would automatically sync all the data for any new event that is created in the future.