Export data from Hubilo to HubSpot


Export your registration data automatically from Hubilo directly to your HubSpot Object and manage your contacts/leads for the events with ease using HubSpot.



  • Create fields (custom property) in contact information on your Hubspot Account.
  • These fields would be later mapped with Hubilo Event (user fields), Once the integration is in place the data would be sent to Hubspot & stored in the respective fields
  • Following data can be exported from Hubilo Event to your Hubspot Contact, therefore create these custom fields beforehand.
  • Hubilo will be requiring permission for these scopes:

Below are the steps to unlock the HubSpot-Hubilo integration to power your next event.


Step 1: Select integration on the dashboard. Click Connect to initiate the connection with HubSpot.



Step 2: Follow the steps to Authenticate your HubSpot account.




Note: Only the Authentication name is required here. Please ignore the Add Property to Object.

Click 'Create' to proceed.


Login to HubSpot.


Step 3: Map the Hubilo fields you wish to export with the respective HubSpot Contact Field.



Data you can export from Hubilo to HubSpot:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Id

  • Contact Number

  • Gender

  • Company (Organization) Name

  • Designation

  • Event Registered For

  • Events attended

  • Country

  • City

  • State

  • Sessions Registered to

  • Live Session Attended Name

  • On-Demand Session Attended Name

  • Hubilo Magic Link

  • Last Login Date

The data type for all the fields is "String". Please ensure you have these fields with the respective data types set up in your HubSpot Contact object to avoid any integration issues.


Step 4: Map your event by selecting the respective event.

If you have multiple events, select the event/s you would like to send data for.


Select the event to automate the connection for future events that would be created.

This would automatically sync all the data for any new event that is created in the future.



Note: Data is sent and synced from the dashboard only once and does not update if any changes are made in the dashboard at a later stage.