How to manage embedded apps at the Event Level?

Hubilo is providing the organizers with a feature to embed the app of their choice in the Event secondary menu and Session secondary menu.


You can choose where you want to show the app in the secondary menu, select the logo of your choice, rename the app, and embed it in the multifunctional secondary menu.
This will be available for both web and mobile app.


The option to embed the app(custom) in the secondary menu is going to be triggered from the Integrations section.


Steps to Enable Embed Custom Apps are as follows:


Step 1: In Dashboard > Click on 'Integration' > Go to 'Custom Apps' > Click on 'Embed your App'.


Step 2: Click on the 'Enable Now' option.



Step 3: Once enabled, organisers will be able to add their apps in their Events page through 'Embedded Apps' sections and Session page through session engagement.





Note: The option will only activate the 'Embed your App' functionality in the Session and Event modules, and these will have to be configured for each event and each Session where the app needs to be embedded.


It may be turned on or off for each Session’s or Event's secondary menu.




Click on 'Add Integration' > Select 'Embed your App'.


Once “Embed your App“ is selected from the dropdown, the relevant app can be configured, to do so following three things are needed:


App Icon: By default, a custom icon will be shown, this can be changed using the preset icons that are provided.


App Name: The name of the application can be changed to the app that is being embedded.


Embed Code: The embed code(Iframe) will be added here.



Click 'Add'.


A maximum of 3 Apps can be embedded using 'Embed your App'.


After adding the app from the 'Embedded Apps' section, Organizer would be able to see the app embedded in their Event.


If you wish to change the order of appearance or want to configure the visibility based on groups, you can go to 'Event Settings > Event Section' for the same.


All the applications added and enabled from this secondary menu section ”Embed App” will get reflected in the Event Section in Settings, in both “Desktop“ as well as “Mobile“ tab.





You can reorder, show/hide or change the configuration like whether the section will be visible to specific groups.


The app would look as below on the reception page:



Examples: List of apps you can use at your next event on Hubilo

  • Floor map - ExpoFP.

  • Social media -

  • Photobooth - Snapbar.

  • Gamification - Kahoot, Playpager, Noonah.

  • Survey, poll, quiz - Typeform, Slido.

  • Fundraiser -, GoFundMe.

  • Whiteboard - Miro.

  • Document editor - Google docs (view only).

  • Digital poster - iPosters.