How to Create a Survey? What are the different types of Surveys?

Create instant surveys and engage with the audience at virtual events to better understand the people's opinions. Create custom surveys for your event and sessions.


There are 3 types of surveys that can be created


1) General Survey - This survey is linked to the event

2) Session Survey - This survey is linked to sessions.

3) Form URL Survey - This survey can be inserted and linked anywhere in the community or externally.


Note- If the form survey is added to any CTA in the community, the survey will open as a pop-up that the attendee can interact with.


If the link was added to an external web page, on click, the user will be redirected to the community URL and asked to log in, if not logged in.


Please note a maximum of one survey can be linked to a session.


To create the survey please follow the steps below :


Step 1: Select "Survey" under the Engagement tab.


Step 2: Click on the "Add Survey" button.


Step 3: Add survey Details. Select the Survey Type as General/Session/Form URL from the dropdown and select the group to make the survey visible for that particular group.


Note- Form URL Survey will be visible to all the user groups


Step 4: Click "Add".


Adding Survey Questions
You can add a maximum of 20 questions to your survey. These can be added from the available questions or new questions can be created.


To select from the available questions Click Import.


A list of pre-defined questions would come. Select the questions from the available questions


Click 'Import'.