What is Chat/Message Tab?

Hubilo Platform offers many engaging features to Network and makes new connections with like-minded people for the growth of your initiative, business, and agenda. To accomplish this, Hubilo Platform has a feature of Chat/Message throughout its platform. The attendees can connect through Chat with whomsoever they want to, on the platform.


The Chat option can be simply accessed by clicking on the Airplane Icon available on the Home/Community Page in the Top Right Corner of the Event Sections Bar. Please refer to the image below to understand how to locate the Chat option.



Once you open the Chat/Message Icon, click onthe "New Chat" button or search the person in the "Search" tab and just click on their name tab and start chatting.

Please refer to the image below to see where this option is available.




This feature is more fun and interesting with the use of Emoticon. Please refer to the image below to see the flow for the same.



For ease of use and not missing any open chat, you can simply minimize the multiple chat tabs and easily compile them at the footer area of the Page. Please refer to the image below to see how this looks: