Search, Sort and Filter Rooms

There can be many rooms in an event depending upon its Size, Scope and Span. So, this feature of Searching and Filtering the Rooms makes it very easy and convenient for the related to Attendee to locate the room of their particular Interest or particular name or any specific industry, country etc.


This feature can be easily accessed by reaching on to the Rooms Tab and further selecting the desired options from Search, Sort and Filter to directly shortlist the room of your choice.


The image below can be used as a reference to navigate to the feature.







In the Search option, the Attendee can simply put the name of the Room and it will bring that particular Room on the Top of the List and hence the Attendee/User can Join it.


In the Sort option, the Attendee can see the order of the list of Rooms either with the help of “Sort by Name A-Z” option or by “Sort by Date & Time” option. Both options will appear on the screen once you click on the “Sort” button.

Please refer to the Image to see where the particular option can be found on the page.







This feature of Filter allows the Attendee to make a more specific search of the Rooms. There are many options to apply different filters and navigate to the specific Room. Please refer to the image to see the details of Filter Options available on the platform.