Additional Features of Individual Chats

The Chat feature in the Hubilo Platform allows you to connect with the other attendees and participants in the Event. It becomes easy for the user to network with the people of their choice or similar interests. For a better experience, this chat feature is now packed with some additional features like Archive, Mark as Read, and View Profile.


Please refer to the image below to locate these features on the Hubilo Platform:


Notification for Chat Image:




Please refer to the image below to see where you can see the new Chats:





Easy Steps to find the additional Features in Chat:


  1. Go to the Airplane Icon available on the top right corner, which is the Chat option button.

  2. Once you click on that icon, the image shown below will open.



3. Click on “Three Dots” available in front of the Individual Chat.

4. Select the required action to “View Profile, Mark as Read and Delete”