How to schedule a Meeting within Chat?

The chat tab in the Hubilo Platform gives an attendee the access to schedule 1-1 meetings within the chat. The 1-1 Meet on the Hubilo Event Platform is a feature wherein a meeting can be scheduled between two participants at a decided time, during the event.


Steps to be followed to schedule a 1-1 Meeting have been mentioned below:


Step 1: Open the Hubilo Platform and Login to the Event


Step 2: Click on Airplane Icon available on the Top Right Corner which is the Chat option



Step 3: Select the name of the attendee, you want to schedule meeting with


Step 4: Click on the Calendar Option in the Chat Window




Step 5: Book a Slot in the Setup Meeting Option



Once the user clicks on the Chat Tab, they will get an option to schedule a meeting with the other user and will get an option to choose the date, desired time, and the agenda of the meeting. Once the information is registered, the user needs to send the meeting request simply by clicking on send button.


The accepted meeting would be visible in the area next to the Meeting slots area, as visible in the image above.