How to Search & Filter Virtual Booths?

Searching and Filtering for the desired Virtual Booth is easily accessible in the Hubilo Platform with help of the Search and Filter Option.

These options are available under the Exhibitors Icon on the Community Page.


Please refer to the image below to locate the Filter options in the Virtual Booths.



Attendees are able to filter the virtual booths by using different category options in the filter .

Once attendees filter by using categories and tags attendees are able to view virtual booths related to that particular category and tags.


Similarly, there is an option to Search for the Virtual Booths within the Platform under the Exhibitors Tab. The attendees can easily shortlist the Virtual Booth that they want to visit by entering the name in the "Search Option given under the Exhibitors Tab. This option saves the time of an attendee by helping them to reach the desired Virtual booth in one go and avoid scrolling through all the Virtual Booth.


Please refer to the image below to locate this option.