Raise Hand and Room Chat

The Rooms feature allows a set of people/participants to share their Audio and Video. The discussion in these rooms has been made more interactive and indulging by complimenting that with the Raise Hand and Room Chat features.


How does the Raise Hand Feature work?

  • Once you have joined a Room, you will enter as a Spectator. So, to participate in the discussion and Share your Audio/Video, you will have to Raise your Hand so that the Moderator is notified that you are interested to speak/discuss as a participant.

    Please refer to the image below to see what happens when you click on the Raise Hand Button.


  • Once the request is accepted from the Moderator's end, then you will immediately receive an update as shown in the image below.

So, as now the request has been accepted, so you will have the Start Discussion Button enabled and you can click on it to share your Audio and Video.


How to use the Chat Option in Rooms?


To make the discussion in the room more productive, you can use the Chat Option from the Side Panel. This Chat will go on in Real-Time and you will be able to discuss it in Live Discussion.

Also, you can react to individual messages with your favorite emoticons.



The chats have been made more interactive with the help of Emoticons and Gif Images. The attendees can make use of this from the bottom of the Chat window. Please refer to the image below to see how it looks like.