How to Search, Filter and Sort the Rooms?

Rooms is one of the prominent engagement options available on the Hubilo Platform. What makes this feature more interesting is that a Room can be Open or Moderated. The host and moderator of the room are entitled with the authority to allow various people/attendees to enter the rooms where they can share their Audios and Videos to discuss on the particular agenda of the Room.


Rooms are considered to be more customized to hold the Break Out Sessions, Product Launches/ Demonstrations and Panel Discussions etc. These rooms can be secured as per the agenda and need of the Host/Organizer as these can be coded, open, public and private.


The Rooms of particular choice and interest can be easily found in the Rooms Tab with the help of Advanced Search and Filter Options. Please refer to the image below to see the flow of Filter options available in the Rooms Tab.



These Filter Options allow an attendee to search for the Relevant Rooms which can be filtered as per the Company Name, Live Time, and the Host Name. By applying this filter, the attendee can shortlist the relevant event which will be displayed on the top of the list.


Please refer to the image below to see the flow of filtering with the Host of the Rooms.




This feature helps the attendee to save time by not scrolling through all the rooms and just jump on to the relevant room of personal interest.


Similarly, the search and sort option simplifies the process to locate the relevant room with the help of sorting with Alphabetical Order and Date/Time Option.


Please refer to the image below to understand the flow of Sorting rooms as per Alphabetical Order and Date/Time.


To sort the rooms, you need to click on the SORT button at the top right side of the room page.


There are two ways available through which you can sort the rooms:


Either you can sort the rooms alphabetically by Name A-Z or by Date and Time according to your preference.


Please refer to the image below for an instance of the option mentioned above: