Attendee Lounge Meeting

The lounge is used for Networking among the attendees, users can join and socialize with fellow peers.


How to use Networking lounge?

Step 1: Open the event platform > Click on the 'Lounge' tab



Step 2: In order to conduct a meeting - please allow permission to Mic & Camera usage on the event page.


(a) Click on the address bar > Lock Icon > Allow Mic & Camera



Step 3: Now Grab a seat by clicking on the chair to join the meeting, Once others participate grab a seat then you will be able to interact with them.



Step 4: This is how the meeting window would look once another participant seats at the table. You can click on the Camera & Mic icon to enable your audio and video.



To leave the meeting, simply click on the Red Exit icon on the bottom panel.


If you face any issue, you can also run a test on your device to check network & related configurations. Click on "Test Device" button.






View screen share in full-screen mode: When a presenter is sharing the screen, other participants will have an option to view the presentation in full screen by clicking on the full-screen icon on the top right of the presented screen.


  • Recommended browser – Google Chrome (Version 83 or later).

  • Provide access to Mic & Camera on the lounge page.

  • Check your microphone for audio output and ensure the correct one is selected.

  • Ensure you are not connected to the VPN or have any firewall restrictions.

  • Require stable internet connectivity.