Attendee Rooms Experience

Room is one of the engagement areas on the Hubilo platform wherein users can connect & conduct video sessions.

How to use rooms:

Step 1: Open the event platform > Click on the 'Rooms' tab > Click on Enter to join the room


Step 2: To join the room as a spectator click on Continue:



Step 3: Click on Raise Hands to request permission to share audio and video:

Step 4: Once the moderator has given permission to participate in the room, please allow permission for Mic & Camera usage.


Click on the address bar > Lock Icon > Allow Mic & Camera

View screen share in full-screen mode: When a presenter is sharing the screen, spectators will have an option to view the presentation in full screen by clicking on the full-screen icon on the top right of the presented screen.


  • Recommended browser – Google Chrome (Version 83 or later).

  • Provide access to Mic & Camera on the lounge page.

  • Check your microphone for audio output and ensure the correct one is selected.

  • Ensure you are not connected to the VPN or have any firewall restrictions.

  • Require stable internet connectivity.