Join & Watch Sessions


The Session in any event is a discussion on any defined agenda which includes a host and the speakers who are usually the chief guests, scholars, achievers, or the pioneers of that particular field.


The number of sessions depends upon the size and diversity of topics of discussion in an event. An attendee can navigate the Sessions by searching for them in the Sessions Tab. There are many options for filtering the Sessions of personal choice and interest.


How the Sessions can be filtered is show below:



Once the attendee has located the Session of their interest, they will get a window that will have the name, detail and timing of the session.


A point to be noted at this step is that the 'Join Session' button will only be available during the time when Session is "LIVE".


Before the start timing of the Session, the attendees will get an option to register for the Session (The availability of this will depend upon the number of tickets that have been offered for a particular session by the Organizer). All the information about the Sessions like Agenda, Speakers, Date, Time, and Host are mentioned on each of the Sessions Card.


Once the event is live, the 'Join Session' button appears as shown below:


Once the event has ended, then the Attendees will be able to watch the Session again only in case if the Organizer has put the On-Demand Recordings to the Session. In that case, the attendee can revisit the Sessions Tab and re-watch the Session by clicking on Watch Session Tab. Please refer to the image below to navigate the feature:



At Hubilo Platform, the sessions are fun, indulging and very interactive type of Networking feature allows the attendees to ask questions during the discussion, answer to the polls and see results at the end of it. On top of all this, this feature has a Live Chat option as well, where all the attendees for a particular session can share their respective views, opinions, and appreciations on Real-Time Basis.


Chats within the Session

Please refer to the image below, to see how the Chat feature looks like:



Q&A within the Session

Please refer to the image below, to see how the Q&A Tab looks like:



Polls within in Sessions

Please refer to the image below to see how the Polls look like:



Attendee List within the Sessions:

Please refer to the image below to see how the Attendee List looks like:


The future Sessions can be duly added to your Work Calendars so that no Session is missed. To enjoy a flawless experience of this Sessions feature, make sure that you have a strong Internet Connection and other AV Checks in place.