Reception Page View

The main and the first thing that attendee sees on the Hubilo Platform is the Reception Page. Hubilo provides an indulging and engaging experience with the help of its Reception Page and making it easy for the attendee to access almost every "Not to Miss" activity from the Reception Page.


Please refer to the images below to see how the Reception Page looks and what it covers in terms of activities involved in an Event.




Attendees can see Featured Sessions, Rooms, Speakers, Exhibitors, and other relevant tabs on the main page.


The Attendee can click on the side panel on the home page where they can view Event Feed activities. On the event feed, attendees can interact with other participants by posting photos or videos on the feed or engage with other attendees by liking or commenting on their posts.




On the Home page, attendees can see an overview of the event like the event start date and end date as well as the organizer's details and description of the event in a brief.





If an Attendee wants to see all the activity-related notifications in the event then they can click on the bell icon on the home page, the attendees will be able to see all the notifications related to the event.


Attendees can also use the chat engagement option on the home page to interact with other attendees in the event.


On the Homepage, attendees can set their profiles. Once attendees click on their profiles users can edit their own profiles. Attendees can set their time zone format and see their Bookmarks, Schedule, Settings, Ticket Invoices etc.




Attendees can also see the live sessions on the home page and immediately join the Session.