Set up 1:1 meeting duration


The one-on-one meeting is a dedicated space on the event platform wherein a meeting can be scheduled between two participants during the event.


Users can send meeting requests to other attendees, also the organizer can schedule the meeting between two attendees from the dashboard.


What is the duration time?

The organizer can customize the meeting duration of the entire attendee panel. (10min - 60min)


By default, it will be set for 15 mins. All the scheduled meetings will be deleted if you change the meeting duration.


Note - This feature is available with all the plans


How to set up the meeting duration.

Login to dashboard > Meetings > Basic Details > Set Meeting Duration > Click on Customise > Select the duration time and Click on 'Confirm' > Click on add meetings.





How to change the meeting duration time when the event is not live and the user has scheduled a few meetings already.


Set Meeting Duration can be changed from the Advanced Section.


As an organizer, you can increase or decrease the meeting duration time to the following minutes (5mins, 10mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, 25 mins, 30 mins, 45mins, 60mins)

Login to dashboard > Meetings > Advanced > Set Meeting Duration > Select the duration time and Click on 'Confirm' > Type DELETE and click on confirm.




Note : If time duration (slot) is changed at a later stage then:

  • All the existing meetings will be deleted

  • All the configured meeting timings will be reset.

  • All the slots on the physical meeting table will be set open to 20 mins

  • When the event is live, the organizer can’t change the meeting duration of the event.