What are the engagement options in Rooms?

Rooms provide various engagement features which are listed as follow :


Live Chat - Organizer can chat during the discussions.


Participants & Spectators List - This will allow the organizer to see the list of participants and spectators within the room.

Live Chat and Participants & Spectators List are the engagement options available in both Single and Multiple Rooms Sessions also in both Moderated and Unmoderated Rooms.



In a Moderated Room addition Engagement Options are available along with the Live Chat and Participants & Spectators List as follows:


Q&A - Spectators will be able to ask questions and participants can answer them.

The Q&A can also be moderated by ticking 'Do you want to moderate the Q&A?'


Live Polls - Spectators will be able to participate in polls during the discussion.


The Room can also be assigned to a Virtual Booth, a new Engagement Option will be available which is:


Room Info - This will allow you to see more information about the room.