How does Restream Studio + Hubilo streaming works?

What is Restream Studio?

Restream Studio is a powerful, ready-to-use streaming solution with a number of features to have control over your stream, like captions, backgrounds, overlays, screen sharing, and more. It allows you to stream directly from your browser with no additional equipment required, just your device camera and microphone.

Stream on Hubilo Event Platform - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and other popular platforms all at once, from one account.



  • Restream Licensed Account

  • Hubilo event

  • Good & stable internet connectivity


  • Create session on Hubilo and set the stream option as external encoder > save


  • Copy the RTMP & Stream key from the Hubilo Dashboard

  • Create a broadcast session on Restream


How to add Custom RTMP?

Step 1: Simply click on the 'Add Channel' button and proceed to the end of the platforms list. Chose the 'Custom Platform (RTMP)' option. You will be asked to purchase it if you have not done it already.


Step 2: Fill in your custom RTMP URL and Stream Key provided by the Hubilo and click 'Add Channel'.


Note: If you need to use RTMPS, the steps are the same, just use your RTMPS URL in place of an RTMP URL.

If you need, you can use RTMP Authentication with your username and password, but normally this is not necessary.

Step 3: Your custom RTMP will be added to the list of your current connected platforms.

On the day of the event:

  • Open Restream > Open the created broadcast session

  • Click on Enter Live Studio

  • Click on Go Live

  • Once the streaming is live > Same would be available on Hubilo

  • The audience will be able to view the live session and can interact via Live chat, Q&A & Polls.



  • Restream is a separate platform, therefore you need to Login to the Restream account and contact them directly to purchase the license to set up the event on their dashboard. For any support or technical queries regarding the Restream customer support or please connect with an AV Production Company.

  • For each session on Hubilo, you will have a unique RTMP & Key - therefore please use the same - if you have multiple separate sessions on Hubilo - a separate Restream session need to be created.