How to use HBS Group Portrait as Panelist/Speaker?

HBS Group Portrait as Panelist


The Group Portrait feature is available only when hosting a session using HBS. It allows the Panelist and Attendees to take a group selfies during the session. Once the group portrait timer is over, they will get their group portrait and also will have an option to share or download their selfie.


Please find below the steps for the group portrait setup in HBS -


  • Panelist - Refers to Host, Co-host, speaker & guest in HBS.

  • Initiator- Refers to the main (keynote) speaker who will start the group portrait and invite others to join. The initiator’s image is the most important and it will be shared alongside other attendees in their templates.

  • Others - Refers to other speakers in HBS (excluding the initiator) and attendees who will be invited to join the group portrait.


As a Panelist (Host / Co-Host / Speaker / Guest) using HBS -

· Once the host has started the HBS session, the panelists will be able to join the HBS session. Please find below the scenarios in HBS :


In HBS when the session is in 'Practice Mode' -

· The host will start the HBS session and all the panelists will join in the HBS.

· The session will be in Practice Mode before going live.

· As a panelist, you will be able to explore the flow behind creating a group portrait and familiarize yourself with the flow of creating a group portrait by clicking the 'Try Group Portrait' CTA.



· The panelists need to give access to their Camera


· The panelists can click their own image to check out the flow to start a group portrait.


· Once the panelists confirm their image & a dummy template will be created to educate the panelist on how Group Portrait works.


· The template will take its colors from event branding

· The panelist can cancel the group portrait flow by clicking the “X” icon, upon which a pop will inform them that their image will be discarded. The initiation flow can be restarted again.

· If a session is Go Live before the actual start date & time, and the Group Portrait is initiated by any panelist, it will reset automatically when the session goes live on the final day.

· The initiator for the session needs to be informed that they will need to initiate the Group Portrait on the final day. Also, other panelists will be required to be informed not to initiate & invite others in the group portrait.

· If an attendee joins the session before the Session goes live, they will not be able to join the group portrait until the session is live & initiator invites the attendee to join. The CTA to join the group portrait will be disabled.



In HBS when the session is 'Live' -


· When the session is ready to go live, the host will click the 'Go Live' tab in HBS to make the session live.

· Once host has made the session live in HBS, the panelist will get the CTA as 'Start Group Portrait' to initiate it.

· A Group Portrait can be initiated by any panelist (preferably the keynote/ main speaker) at any given point of time during a live session by clicking the 'Start Group Portrait' tab.

· The group portrait can be initiated only once during the session.

· Once initiated, other panelists in HBS will not be able to initiate the group portrait.

· The panelists need to give access to their Camera-



· Initiator can retake the image or cancel the initiation flow entirely by clicking the “X” icon. If the initiation flow is canceled before the invite is sent out, the Group Portrait is reset and panelists can initiate the Group Portrait again.



· The initiator of the Group Portrait will click their own image and confirm the image they want to use. Post this step the initiator will not be able to change their image.


· The initiator can set a countdown timer to allow other panelists and attendees to click their images at a specified time to create urgency. Once a timer is set and invite is sent out, others can only be invited to join the Group Portrait and the flow cannot be canceled by the initiator anymore.

- By default, the timer is set to 3 mins. This is the minimum time required for the Group Portrait feature.

- Option to set a timer for 5 mins & 10 mins is also available.

- Timer modal value can be increased and decreased by 1 min using the “+” & “-” icons.

- 10 mins is the maximum time.



  • Other panelists & attendees will only be invited to join the Portrait by the initiator after they set a timer countdown & invite by clicking on the 'Invite Others To Join Portrait' tab. On doing so, the countdown will become active for the initiator


· At this step, the group portrait cannot be cancelled and an invite is sent to other panelists in HBS and all attendees attending the live session.

· A live count is displayed to the initiator to show the number of people who have clicked and confirmed their respective images.


  • Once the time runs out, a group portrait image will be processed and created with all the other speakers & attendees -



  • Once the group portrait image is created, a floating toast message will be sent informing the initiator 'Your Group Portrait is ready!' and can view it by clicking 'View Portrait'. The initiator can dismiss the message and view the portrait anytime from the side panel by clicking the 'View Group Portrait' CTA.

  • The initiator can share the group portrait on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), Share on Event Feed or Download their Portrait template -



  • For Initiator, the portrait image will consist of 19 images (1+18) i.e one image of Initiator himself in the center and surrounding 18 random attendees images.

  • The Group Portrait can be initiated only once during the session

  • The Group Portrait template will take its colors from event branding



Example of an Initiator's Group Portrait -



Note: With effective from date 7th August 2023, this will be available on request basis.