How to use lead retrieval in an in-person event

In the Hubilo's hybrid event, each user added to the onsite user group will have a QR code assigned to their profile, which can be scanned by an onsite exhibitor from the event mobile app.


Onsite Exhibitors will be provided with an option on their current branded app to scan the leads. Onsite exhibitors need to log in to the app as booth members, as a booth member you get an option 'Scan Leads' on the app.



Each onsite attendee will have a unique QR code assigned to their profile, which would be displayed in the event mobile app, the exhibitor team member can scan the attendee's QR code on their profile/their printed badges and their profile shows up.



You can categorize, rate the Attendees and take notes as and when required.




The Attendee's profiles are captured in the Exhibitor's dashboard. The Exhibitor's dashboard will also contain Virtual Business Cards, Dropped Attendees, and Engaged Attendees (both Virtual and Onsite).


User data of the leads scanned onsite will be available in the virtual booth analytics reports.


Download booth analytics report:

  • Booth Members can download the analytics report from the exhibitor dashboard on the event platform

  • Event admin can download the booth analytics from the Hubilo Dashboard > event > analytics > booth

User type as Onsite or Virtual will also be available in the booth analytics > engagement report


Along with the attendee details in the engagement report, the booth member's name will also be captured in the report and displayed under the "Booth Member" column.



Please note that this column will have booth member names in the case of the onsite attendees only.



This report will be available to the booth members in the exhibitor central and not on the Hubilo dashboard.


Note: The booth member details will only be available for newly scanned leads and not the existing scanned leads.