Moderated Room Meetings

Room is one of the engagement areas on the Hubilo platform wherein users can connect & conduct video sessions. Room is ideally for a Group/Panel discussion, product demo or Closed meetings.





The event organizer can create a moderated room as well, wherein a user can be assigned as a moderator for the room, therefore they would have some additional functionality.

How to join a meeting in Room?



Step 1: Open the event platform > Go to Room Tab.



Before you join the room, check your system compatibility.
Click on "Test Compatibility" > Start > Finish.



Step 2: In the case of a Speaker/Moderator session in a Room, only the assigned moderator can start the room meeting as per the start time, and attendees will be able to join the meeting.

Once a room is started the moderator can share the audio & video and join the session.




All the users viewing the session will be displayed in the People Spectating box and if any user has raised their hand to join the session the moderator can accept their request.


Step 3: Engagement within Room Session:


There would be Live Chat, Poll & QnA engagement feature in a room session.


Moderator can create a poll and the audience will be able to vote on it.




Step 4: Moderator can go off-screen from the main session:


A moderator will have the functionality to go off-screen from the main stage of the session, therefore their video & audio won't be visible to the audience, but they would still have the moderator functionality.


Moderator can click on > Go Offscreen button on the bottom panel:



Moderator will receive an alert box to provide confirmation > click on yes



Once confirmed > moderator video & audio will be disabled from the main stage > but the user would still have moderator functionality such as -

  • Screen Share

  • Ability to bring attendees to the main screen

  • Option to moderate the engagements i.e. chat, poll & QnA

  • End the room session


To join back on the main stage (screen) > the moderator can click on Go Onscreen button on the bottom panel.


Important Note for Rooms Session:

  • Use Google Chrome only - if you plan to use Rooms and suggest as to your participants.

  • Ensure to disable the VPN or firewall services and suggest to your participants.

  • Join using an Open (non-restricted) network

  • If any user is facing an issue with the network or room session closing abruptly in between, do suggest that they change their network.

  • MEA & China region - Rooms have some issues currently.