Frequently Asked Questions

In order to use Vimeo on Hubilo - what privacy setting should my Vimeo videos should be set to?

Ensure your vimeo video privacy is set to: Public, Hide from vimeo or Specific domain (ensure to add your hubilo event domain)


Private & Unlisted vimeo videos wont work on Hubilo.


What is the limit of community banners and login banners?

Hubilo provides you an option to upload a maximum of 30 community banners and 10 login banners on the system. The number may vary depending on the plan.


How can I update my event link?

The event link can be updated under Brand your Events -> Custom URL.

Edit the link name and save your changes.


How can I change my event dates?

For future events, the event dates can be modified from the dashboard.

If your event has started and you wish to update the dates, get in touch with your CSM.


Why can I not see the Virtual Booths.?

Virtual Booths are dedicated tables assigned for sponsors and Exhibitors. These tables would be visible only when one of the team members joins the table.


If I am a zoom host and I have no power backup, will the stream stop if the power fails?

If all the participants in a zoom session are forced to leave due to technical errors/ system error the zoom session will hang on the page


How do I add team members?


What is the character limit for the event feed?

The maximum character limit for an event post is 1000 and for comments is 500.

The maximum limit for an image/video that can be posted is 5MB.


Can I edit the email id once I have added the attendee in the people section?

Email address can not be updated as this is the unique identifier value for the system. However, you can remove and re-add the person at any time.


How to increase the character count for the fields?

To increase the character count for any field.

Go to Settings > Profile Fields > Select Field > Length Limit (Increase)

The maximum character limit for a text area field is 4000 and for a text field is 999.


How to make profile fields not mandatory?

To remove this section and not make it mandatory,

Go to settings > Profile Fields > Select Field > uncheck mandatory > save.


What fields are shown in advanced filters? How to change the tags?

Only mandatory fields are reflected in the advanced filters.

To remove this section and not make it mandatory,

Go to settings > Profile Fields > Select Field > uncheck mandatory > save.


Can I send customized emails to attendees?

At the moment, we can only send invite mailers to the attendees. To edit the e-mail.

Go to Settings > Invite mailer. Make your changes and save.


What is the character limit for the invite mailer?

The character limit for the Email subject line is 150 characters, the title is 100 and the body of the mailer can be a maximum of 4000 characters.


Why am I not able to add a team member?

If the person has an admin account with Hubilo for any event. That email id can not be added as a team member.


How can our clients based in the rest of the world use Hubilo for their attendees/speakers based in China?

As of Now, Zoom webinars should work for China, Zoom is allowed, however, the Chinese firewall blocks the broadcasters(Mux/Vimeo) and hence RTMP method cannot be used. Currently below mentioned features may not work :



1-to-1 meetings

Ability to use the "Online attendees" feature.


What is the maximum number of featured virtual booths and speakers?

You can feature a maximum of 10 virtual booths and 10 speakers.


How does the match-making algorithm works?

The algorithm is based on 5 metrics and the weightage is distributed as below :

Looking For = 35%;

Offering = 35%;

Industry = 15%;

Intrests = 15%;

What is the booth ID when bulk uploading the booth members?

You will find this under People > Bulk upload > Booth members >Under the Template file, you will get the booth ids (Sheet Named - Virtual Booths Read only)