Integrate Your Zoom Account with Hubilo

Hubilo offers zoom licenses for event duration which is included in the subscription plan (as host/tracks). These zoom licenses will be assigned to your given email IDs & would be valid only for event durations.

However, if you wish to connect your own Zoom License Account & related email ids with Hubilo, you can certainly do so.

We would need JWT Token from your Zoom License Account (admin) which your CXM will configure with your Hubilo Event. Therefore you would be able to host your sessions via zoom meeting, also by creating a JWT app on the Marketplace, you can enable Hubilo to create webinars and meetings in your account.



  • Licensed Zoom Account (Admin)

  • Zoom users should be linked to this main zoom account & should be licensed

  • Ensure to enable the Live-streaming setting on your zoom


Step 1: Register Your App


To register your app, visit the Zoom App Marketplace and click on the Develop option in the dropdown in the top-right corner and select Build App.


A page with various app types will be displayed. Select JWT as the app type and click on Create.



Step 2: App Information


After creating your app, your first step is to fill out descriptive and contact information.


Here you enter a short description along with your company name. This is also where you can change the name you’ve just given to your app.


Next add a Developer Contact name and email, which may be used by the Zoom Marketplace Team or your users for any inquiries regarding your app.


On this page, you can also include optional links for your users to access your Privacy Policy or Support pages.


This is also a good time to upload an optional App Icon for your app. The icon should be a square image between 160px and 400px in width and height in GIF/JPG/JPEG/PNG format, and cannot be more than 1MB in size.




Step 3: Generate App Credentials


In order to allow your app to integrate, the Zoom platform generates a set of unique credentials used to generate the tokens needed to authorize each request.




Clicking ‘View JWT Token’, you’ll see a unique token generated for you by the Zoom Marketplace containing the API Key and API Secret based on the Expiration Time you select below.


Set an appropriately long time so your event is covered in this time.

Ideally add a expiry date as post your event end date.

Select Others & Set a day in this format - HH:MM MM/DD/YYYY


This JWT token has to be provided to Hubilo. Please ensure to only share this with our Customer Success team.



Once you’ve accessed your API Key and Secret and copied over any needed

tokens, click Continue.


Step 4: Add App Features


You do not have to enable this feature. Click Continue.


Step 5: Activation


Having retrieved your App Credentials, your app is all set to make requests to

any Zoom APIs.


You may want to refer back to any of the above settings to

manage your app or if you need to regenerate your API Secrets or tokens.


You also have the option to Deactivate or Reactivate your app.

If Deactivated, your app will not be authorized to make requests to Zoom APIs.