How to send an Invite Mailer?

Invite Mailer is sent out to the attendees to notify and confirm their participation in the event along with the event link.


An invite mailer can be sent to all the people at once or you can select the people from the list to whom an invite mailer needs to be send based on the requirement.


The steps to send an Invite Mailer are as follows:


Step 1: Inside Dashboard, select 'People Tab' > Select the checkbox to send the invite mailer to all the people or select the individual person to share the Invite Mailer > Click on 'Send Invite Mailer' to send the mailer.


Step 2: A pop up opens up asking for confirmation to send invite mailer > Click on 'Send Invite Mailer' tab to send the Invite Mailer to the selected people.

Step 3: Invite Mailer can also be shared while adding the individual person to the dashboard. Select the checkbox 'Send Invite Mail' while adding the person to share the invite mail.