What are the default groups? How to assign people to these groups?

On Hubilo, there are 3 default groups wherein users are added/linked in order to segregate users as per Role & Functionality.

Default Groups:
Attendee, Speaker & Booth Member.

It is mandatory to assign a user to a particular group in order to provide them access to join the event.

Below are the steps to add/assign people in groups:


Step 1: Inside Dashboard, Select 'People Tab' > On the right-hand side click on 'Add People'.



Step 2: Click on the 'Add People' > Select Single or Bulk option to add the attendee.


Step 3: Once you add the details inside the single option > Click on 'Group' > Assign the person to the relevant category in the group (Attendee, Speaker, Booth Member) > Click on 'Save'.



Step 4: Once you save the details then you can see the user in the particular group in the people section. You can also assign or reassign the group by selecting the user and clicking on the Assign Group button.