How to upload Video on Hubilo Broadcasting Studio on Community?

The new community provides a video upload option on Hubilo Broadcasting Studio.

  • The Host and the Speaker can add videos during a session.

  • If a video is added to the video stream from the media tab, it also shows up as a window within the presenter tab as well so it can be easily removed from the stream when the video is complete.

  • A video will play from the beginning to the end if it is not ‘removed from stream’. Once the video is completed, it is automatically removed from the stream.

  • Only one media can be shared at a time. If a new media is added to the live stream, the previously active media is removed automatically.

Steps to follow while uploading a video are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Media tab at the bottom left > Click on the 'Add Video' icon.


Step 2: Add a label and select the video from your system that you would like to upload. Max size allowed is 500MB. Click 'Upload Video'.

Step 3: Once the video is uploaded. Click on 'Add to Stream' on the video.


Step 4: A pop will appear with instructions on how to enable seamless streaming by turning off the Hardware Acceleration in the settings.

  • In the 'Settings Tab' on your browser, go to 'System'.

  • Toggle the switch to the 'Off' position and then click 'Relaunch'.

  • Your browser will relaunch and you will have to join the session again.

  • Once you have covered these steps you can simply click on 'Add to Stream' to start the video of your choice.

The above instructions also pops up before streaming the video as shown:



Once the steps are followed click on 'Add to Stream'.


The video will play as shown below:


Video specifications:

Maximum video size: 500 MB
Up to 5 Videos Can be Uploaded.

Only the host can add media to the stream, while anyone can upload it to the media tab.

Video can be uploaded by any speaker but can only be deleted by the host, cohost.

Accepted formats are - MP4, MOV, MKV, OGV, WEBM, OGG