How to stream through Hubilo BroadCasting Studio?

There are multiple streaming options on the dashboard.

Hubilo Streaming with Hubilo's broadcast studio is one of them. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select the Session in the dashboard > Click on Stream Options and Toggle on the Stream This Session button > Select Hubilo Streaming under the Stream Source Section.

Step 2: Once the stream source is selected > Under "Where Will The Speaker Join From", there are three available options:
A). Zoom Meeting
B). External Encoder (via OBS, Streamyard, Restream, Vmix, WebEx, etc)

C). Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

Step 3: Select the Broadcasting Studio option,select Studio Host and click Save to enable streaming through HBS.


Step 4: Go to Engagement and enable the required engagement options. 



Currently, only one screen can be shared at a time.


Some recommended practices to follow when using Hubilo Broadcasting Studio.

  • Please make at least 1 co-host immediately as soon the host joins the session so that in case the host gets disconnected, someone can manage.

  • There can be maximum of 12 panelists in any session (Host, co-host or speakers)

  • There can be only 1 host. However, you can add multiple co-hosts who will have the same access as a host.

  • Enter studio with video and mic on. Users can choose to switch it off later.

  • The private link should always be accessed through an incognito window.

  • Join the studio a minimum of 10 mins before the session.

  • Do 'Go Live' 30 secs before the time.

  • Hubilo Broadcasting Studio is supported on desktop/laptop (Mac and Windows). We suggest Speakers avoid joining from mobile/tablets/Ipads/Chromebook/ Microsoft Pro.