Closed Captioning in your Live sessions with Hubilo Streaming

Hubilo is providing event organizers with a feature to Close Caption in Sessions on the event community platform.


The captions are called closed captions as they are hidden until they are 'opened' by the viewer from a menu or by selecting the relevant option.


The Closed Caption feature is available in Sessions when the Stream Source is set as Hubilo Streaming - Zoom Meeting, Hubilo Broadcast Studio, or External Encoder.


Steps to activate Closed Caption are as follows:


Step 1: Go to Sessions Tab > Select the session for which you would like to activate Closed Caption > Click on the Stream options.


Step 2: Set the Stream Source to Hubilo Streaming > Select Where Will the Speaker Join From > Toggle on Closed Captions.




Step 3: Start your session & enable the live streaming > on the event platform > users will be able to watch the live-streaming


On the video player, users will have the button to enable/disable CC for the stream.


The Closed Captioning in sessions would look as follows:



Closed Captioning in live streaming is not 100% accurate, as it depends on a number of factors - majorly audio from the live feed and accordingly our system will do the transcription.


Here are some recommended tips:

  • Ensure to have a good & stable internet connection for the Host & Speaker

  • Use headphones with a microphone to capture audio clearly

  • If audio and CC are out of Sync, play/pause the video or refresh the page to sync audio to CC. This is due to fluctuation in the attendee's bandwidth.


  • This feature needs to be enabled by the CSM & needs to be part of your subscription plan.

  • Closed Captioning is only available in live sessions and is not supported on
    Video On Demand
    Safari Browser
    iOS devices
    PIP mode


  • CC is available to attendees viewing a live session only on the event community only. It is not available to HBS panelists who are live streaming from within HBS.


  • If the session is live, enabling the CC toggle from the organizer dashboard may not enable CC on the community in real-time.