What are Polls in a session?

Polls in a session are an engagement activity in which the host or speaker can ask questions, attendees can vote for the answers and see results for the same.


Steps to enable Polls in a session are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Session > Select the session in which you wish to enable Poll.


Step 2: Select Stream Options > Enable the toggle button


Step 3: Open Engagement Option > Enable/Disable the Poll option and save.

Steps for session host/admin to create Polls in sessions:

Step 1: In the sessions tab Go to> Polls > Create


Step 2: Set your Question and Poll Answers > Create.


Step 3: Click on 'Publish Poll' to Go live (Until and Unless you don't click on 'Publish Poll' the poll would be only visible to speakers, once the speaker clicks on 'Publish Poll' live poll will get open to all attendees for voting)


Steps to end a Live Poll are as follows:

Simply go to live Poll > Click on 'End Poll'.


You can click on "Unpublish Poll" to hide the poll temporarily.