Join Upcoming Sessions


This feature gives the attendees a seamless experience of switching from one session to the other, without having to spend much effort. This feature will show up the upcoming sessions on the player itself and participants will be taken to the next session automatically in 10 seconds without taking any actions. This will eventually lead to better engagement and better switching user experiences for the attendee.


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How to enable autoplay from the dashboard?


Step 1: Open dashboard > Event


Step 2: Settings > General


Step 3: Toggle on the 'Enable autoplay suggestions in sessions' > Save


How it will look on the front-end to the participants?

Sessions suggestions will start appearing to the participants on the player itself when there are 30 seconds left in the current session to end. If participants do not click on any suggested session then they will be taken to the next session automatically in 10 seconds.


If there is a time gap of more than 10 minutes in the next session's scheduled start timing, in that case, the CTA of the suggestion will be changed to 'Add to schedule instead' of 'Join session' as shown on the screenshot below, so that people can add the suggested sessions to their schedule -


How attendees can hide the session suggestions front the front end?

We do have an option of hiding suggestions from the front end, so the participant can hide the session suggestions by simply clicking on the 'Hide Suggestions' option given at the top right corner of the player as shown in the screenshot below -



  • The sessions for which the registrations are toggled in the session suggestion won't be shown as a popup for those particular sessions.

  • The system will show the upcoming session as per the session visibility set for the respective user group.

  • Up to 3 upcoming parallel sessions would be displayed as a popup in the session suggestion.

  • This feature is supported in the Mobile browser & Web browser only, however it is not supported in the Mobile app.

  • Upcoming session suggestions would be displayed in the last 30 seconds - as per the scheduled end time.