What is Session Registration?

When you enable registrations, attendees have to register to attend a session.
Session Registration can be applied to one specific session as well as all sessions of your event.

You can start the session registration immediately or define a specific date and time for the same. You also have to provide the registration end date, after which attendees would not be able to register after that date and time.


Steps to Enable Session Registration are as follows:

Step 1: Go to sessions > Select the Session.


Step 2: Go to Advanced > Enable the toggle button for 'Allow Attendees To Register For This Session' under Registration Tab.


Step 3: Select the start date and end date.


Step 4: Check if the registration status is 'OPEN' > Enable the toggle button for the registration options you want to opt for :

  1. Wait-list Registration: If you wish to manually approve attendee registrations in the Attendees tab.

  2. Let Attendees Unregister: If you wish that your attendees can unregister themselves from the session.

  3. Apply These Settings To All The Sessions: If you want to apply these particular settings to all other sessions of your event.


Step 5: Click 'Save'


Registration button would be displayed under the Agenda tab to Attendees on the event platform as follows:




  • Switching off session registration will not cause loss of attendee data