How to add or manage the tracks?

Hubilo virtual event platform offers you the flexibility of associating your sessions with different tracks depending on its topics, for easy categorization and easy navigation through the agenda.


The step-by-step guide for adding and managing track is provided below:

Step 1: While creating the Session > Click on Manage track > Add Track > Name the track accordingly as shown in the image below:



Step 2: Created tracks would appear on the web app as shown:



Steps to Manage Tracks in the New Version of Hubilo Platform:

In the New Version of Hubilo Dashboard, you can now find the Manage Tracks option as a dedicated button in the Sessions Tab and inside the Basic Details area.


Please refer to the image below to locate the Manage Tracks Tab, once you click on the Sessions.


Steps to Manage Tracks from Basic Details in New Version of Hubilo Platform are mentioned below:


Step 1: While creating the session > Click on ‘Manage Track’ > as shown in the image below.



Step 2: Click on 'Add Track' as shown below and save the track. Also at the same time, you can re-order the track as per your preference.


Step 3: Once the track is created and saved you can assign the track for the particular session.



Once these Tracks are added, the session would be listed under the particular Track with which you will map it. These tracks can be re-arranged by dragging the tabs under Manage Track Option.