How to create a session?

Creating a session for your event on Hubilo is a simple process and below are steps provided with reference snapshots:


Step 1: Click on the sessions tab on the left-hand side:


Step 2: Click on add day and select the respective day on which the session needs to be scheduled.


Step 3: Click on add session, Select Single Add to create one session, or the Bulk Upload option to add multiple sessions at a time.

To create a single session:

Select the start time and end time of the session, enter the session title, and save it.


To add multiple sessions:

Select Bulk Upload:


Download the pre-filled template. Update the sheet and upload the file with your changes.


  • You can upload a maximum of 100 sessions in one upload.

  • The sessions can only be created for the event duration.


Step 4: The sessions will be visible on the event platform under the agenda tab as shown in the graphical representation below: