Landing Page Builder - Create Your Own Landing Page

1. What is a landing page builder?

- Hubilo landing page builder is a feature you can use to build and launch event websites that are functional, captivate audiences and bolster your event marketing effort.

- You can create a personalized event landing page with ease that caters to your specific needs and helps you connect better with your target audience. You can leverage the feature to sell tickets, capture leads and market their event.

- Get creative with our intuitive drag & drop editor and make the most of your event landing page.


2. What all content will be directly taken from my Hubilo Dashboard?

- On creating a website, a few key information and buttons will be automatically added for your ease. Sections like the ticketing will be linked to the dashboard, such that updating the dashboard will update the ticketing as well.


Following data will be added to the website-

  • Event logo

  • Event Name

  • Event Description

  • Event Dates

  • Buy Ticket Button (only if there's an active ticket)

  • Add to calendar button (event date & time)

  • Go-to event button


3. What is a template?

A landing page template is a pre-built website design that we have created for you. And we have created multiple templates for you! The templates are based on modern event landing page designs, some are modelled after specific event types as well. You can always customize the design.



4. What content & information do I need to add while building my page?

With our page editor you can add, design & personalise the landing page using our intuitive landing page builder.


On selecting a template the basic outline of a fully featured event website will be provided, you need to update the website with the following sections:

  • People - This section can be used to display your speakers, moderator & team members

  • Agenda - This section can be used to display your event agenda

  • Contact Us - This section can be added to collect queries from users

  • FAQ

  • Custom Images & Banners

Note: You will have to add the content in the respective sections, as this data won't be synced with your Hubilo Dashboard.


5. What customization can I do while building my page?

  • Add Images & Banners

  • Customize the entire page layout

  • Add Widgets

  • Add the page header & footer

  • Add your event content & information

  • And many more..


6. How can I add "Add to calendar" links?

  • With the custom landing page builder, you can add text as "Add to calendar" on any session card.

7. How to take a site backup?

Site backup is a helpful feature that would help users take a backup of all the changes done on the page.

Users can revert to a previous backup of the website using the Landing page builder >Settings>Site Backup feature, they can select which backup they want to reset the website. Backups are created automatically for users.

Also, users can manually create these backups, so that users will always have a fallback option.


8. How to use tracking pixel on the landing page?

You can add Google Analytics, Outbrain & Facebook Pixel to the ticket section on Dashboard. It will work on the custom landing page & you will receive the data on the respective analytic dashboard.

However please note, any tracking code added in Settings>Custom Code Section on the dashboard will not be added to the custom landing page, as it is not supported.


9. Adding an external form(hubspot/typeform/etc) to the LP
Update coming soon.

Quick Tutorial Videos:


Start building your own event landing page - Overview:


Add new sections on-page & create an anchor link to link the section with the page header



Add a section to display speakers



Add a section to display the event agenda



Add FAQ to your page



Add contact us to your page



Add widgets to your page




  • Multi-lingual websites are not supported yet.

  • In case if there is no published Custom landing page then the Default landing page will be visible.

  • If the custom landing page option is not available, please contact your CXM.

  • You can add the custom section in the landing page editor & will have to add the content in the respective sections, as this data won't be synced with your Hubilo Dashboard.

  • The event landing page & event community platform are separate and have a different set of functionality as per their use cases.

  • The custom event landing page will be a single-page website