Event Landing Page - Default Setup

A Landing page will contain all the details regarding the event. Organizers can showcase their event highlights like speakers, sessions and tickets. In big events, marketing campaigns on social media platforms are run to drive more users to the event website, and eventually drive higher event registrations.


The template for a default landing page is fixed, which means the placement of the selected information of the event will be pre-defined.


Information found on the landing page are as follows:


Community Banner:

The community banners added to the event are displayed here.



Ticketing Options along with the add to calendar button:

The tickets created in registration will be displayed here and attendees will be able to purchase the same.



The sessions added in the event will reflect in the agenda section of the landing page.




The speakers added in the event for each session will be shown in the landing page.



The booths added in the events will be shown in the landing page.



Complete overview of the Default Landing Page: