What are orders in Registration?

Hubilo is providing event organizers with a feature to track ticket orders and incomplete purchase orders.



In Orders, you can find the Order ID, Buyer, Number of Tickets, Timestamp, Paid, Discount, Payout, Invoices, and Status of the order.



Download Invoice:

Click on the download icon to download the invoice of the respective buyer.



Delete and Resend Confirmation:

In Order, you can Delete and Resend Confirmation by selecting the orders.



  • Delete: You can Delete an order by selecting the order and clicking on the delete icon > Click on Delete


  • Resend Confirmation: You can Resend Confirmation mail i.e., invoice to the buyer for the order by selecting the order and clicking on 'Resend Confirmation. Click on 'Resend'
  • Filters: Orders can also be filtered by clicking on the 'Filter' option in the Orders section.


In Filter By, select the Ticket Type and Date Range you want to filter the tickets from.


Ticket Type: You can select the Ticket Type from the tickets created.


Date Range: The date range can be selected as needed. Various Date Range options are All Time, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Current month, Last month, and can even Custom the Date Range by entering the From and To date.

Click 'Apply'


Incomplete Orders:

In Incomplete Orders, the orders that are not completed are listed. The details include the Buyer, Tickets, Last Updated, Drop off Step (where the buyer stopped in the process of buying the ticket)


You can select the order and resend mail to notify the Buyer about the incomplete transaction by clicking on 'Resend Mail'.

Then click 'Send Mail'.