What is the Buyer form in the Ticket setting?

Hubilo is providing the Buyer form in the Ticket setting so that you, the organizer, can collect the relevant information from the person buying the ticket(s) during purchase by adding fields by toggling the Buyer form option.


You can customize the order of the pre-existing fields and also add more fields, depending upon the information needed.


Steps to add fields in Buyer form fields are as follows:


Step 1: Go to the Registration tab on the dashboard > Go to Ticket > In Tickets, Click on 'Ticket Settings'.


Step 2: Toggle on the Buyer Form. The preexisting fields provided are First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number (optional).

Step 3: Click on 'Add Field' > Enter the Field Name > Select the Field Type > Can mark them Mandatory > Click 'Add'.

The field types offered are - Text, Text Area, Date, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio, Link, Group, File and Number.

In the Text, Text Area field types, you can set the length limit.


These fields will appear on the Landing page when the buyer is buying the tickets on the landing page as shown below: