Configure tax & invoice settings for your ticket registrations

Organizers can now add tax settings and generate invoices to their tickets through the Ticket settings.


Steps to access Ticket Settings are: Go to Registrations Tab > Select Ticket > In Tickets, click on 'Ticket Settings'.



Tax Settings:

Using Tax Settings the organizer can charge tax on the tickets sold.


The steps to turning on Tax Settings are as follows:

  • In Ticket settings > toggle on Tax Setting

  • Select the Country

  • Add the Tax Rate Percentage you want to apply and set a Tax Name.



Tax Invoice:

You can opt to send a Tax Invoice to the buyer by selecting 'Send tax invoice to buyer'.

Fill in the necessary details as shown below:




While buying the ticket, the Tax will be applied as shown below:



Additional tax settings:


  • Enable buyer Tax ID on the invoice: Show buyer Tax ID on the invoice by enabling this toggle.
    Therefore while purchasing the ticket, the buyer will have the fields to add their company details & Tax ID, which would be displayed on the Invoice.

  • Include tax in the ticket price: To show the ticket price inclusive of tax on the ticket landing page, you can enable this option.
    Therefore ticket prices will be shown inclusive of tax.

  • Select Tickets: Once you have added the tax in the Tax Setting section, from this particular dropdown you can select the tickets on which it should be applicable.