Add tracking pixel to event landing page (ticketing page)

Hubilo gives the organizers the ability to have tracking pixels added to the event landing page (ticketing page).

Using tracking pixels event organizer will be able to track the following metrics:

  1. No. of users landing on the event page, and the source of each user

  2. No. of users buying a ticket(successful registration) vs No. of users choosing to drop off

  3. No. of users going to event login page & No. of users login in into event

Currently, we support the following analytics tools:


How to add Tracking IDs on the event landing page (ticketing page):


Step 1: Open Dashboard > Registrations > Tickets

Step 2: Click on Add Tracking Pixel icon

Step 3: Toggle on the relevant section & add Tracking IDs

  • You don't have to add the entire analytics code, simply copy & paste the Tracking IDs from the respective analytics tool.

Step 4: Toggle On the steps - which you want to track in the registration flow



Based on the tracking ID that the organizer enters, we will track & trigger the following steps as a user proceeds through the registration flow.


We will be sending the following event names for each step:

  1. Event Landing Page (landingPage) - when a user visits the webpage

  2. Successful Registration (success registration) - when a user does successful registration


  3. Failed Registration (failRegistration) - when registration fails (Due to Stripe payment failing)

  4. Event Login Page (eventLoginPage) - when user clicks on the “Go to event“ button and is redirected to the community login page (Only when the button is visible)

  5. Event Home Page (event homepage) - when the user logs in to the event and is on the event homepage

The organizer will get a funnel view of the users on the registration flow, using which they can retarget the ones who have dropped off from the landing page without buying a ticket.




  • Users dropping off from the Stripe payment page to be treated as failed registration, failRegistration will be triggered

  • Analytics will be available on the respective analytics tool dashboard which is being used, i.e. Google, Facebook & Outbrain

  • In Google Analytics we only support Google Analytics4(GA4); Universal Analytics(UA) is not supported

  • Toggling On: Event Login Page & Event Home Page will enable tracking for the community platform.

  • If any of the above Tracking Ids is enabled in Ticket-Registration, then the custom codes/scripts pasted in the Settings>Custom Integrations will not be added/active.

  • If you want to use your custom codes/scripts on the ticket/event landing page, then disable the Tracking Ids from theregistration section & paste your custom codes/scripts pasted in the Settings>Custom Integrations.