Enable Simple Registration


By opting for a simple registration process, the organizers can provide a simple 2-step process for the attendees to register for any event with a free ticket.


Steps to enable Simple Registration Process


Step 1 : Create a Free Ticket


Under Registration > Tickets > Add Ticket


Step 2 : Enable "Simple Registration"


There will be a toggle under the Ticket settings “Enable Simple Registration”. Enable this to allow the users to do simple Registration.



Once enabled the registration process will look like this for the users:


A card with the 'Register Now' CTA will be visible on the landing page.



The attendees will simply click on “Register Now” and that will the lead to the registration form to open. They can enter the details here and click on “Submit”.




Once the user does this, they will see a pop-up that they have registered for the event successfully. This attendee information will automatically get added under the people section of your dashboard.




  • ‘Enable Simple Registration’ toggle will be valid only in case if free ticket(s) are created. This wont be valid when there are paid as well as free tickets. In that case the existing process will be in place.


  • The combination of Paid and Free tickets for an event is not possible. The functionality will be unique across all tickets for either of the ticket type selected.


  • Multiple free tickets can be created.


  • Once Simple Registration is enabled, attendees can only register for themselves.

  • If needed, GDPR checkbox can be enabled from "Ticket Settings" and will be visible along with the registration form on the landing page.


  • Once an attendee registers, their information would directly be added under the People section. No entry will be reflected under Registrations > Orders section.


  • Invoices will not be generated for simple registrations.


  • Data captured for Simple Registrations will be visible under Analytics > Registration section.


  • Registration Emails and Invite Emails will be sent to the attendees according to the set up chosen while creating the tickets.


  • Organizer can add custom fields in the attendee's registration form through the dashboard Settings > Profile fields > Add profile field > Toggle on "Display this field in registration form".