Speaker Guide for Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

Step 1: Log into the event community using the speakers' email addresses. Click on the 'Join as Speaker' button under the Agenda.

Step 2: The system will ask for permission to use the microphone and camera. Click on Allow and continue.

Step 3: A pop-up will show for checking the microphone and the camera and update the Display name before entering the studio. Once everything is checked, click on 'Join'.

Broadcast Studio:

You can check your signal strength by hovering on the signal option next to the name.


Technical Steps:

  • Click on Mic to Mute/Unmute.

  • Click on the Video Camera icon to turn your video on/off.

  • Click on the Screen Share icon to share your entire screen, windows, chrome tab

  • Click on the Exit button to leave the session

  • Click on the last option (three dots icon) to change your AV settings

  • The speaker can upload video from the media tab but only the host can play it.


Engagement Option:

The Engagement options are available in the 'Side Panel'.

  • The host and the speakers will be able to manage all the engagement options without having to go to the event platform. Any chats under the General chat option will be seen by the attendees logged in to the event. The host and speakers both can send in chats for the attendees to see.

  • Under Panel Chat, the speakers and host can chat amongst themselves and it will not be visible to the attendees in the event community.



  • Q&A is also available for the session participants.


  • Polls is also available for the session participants.


  • You can see the list of Attendees attending the Session under the Attendees option.


  • You can also see the Embedded Apps on the side panel.


Best Practices:

  • Use headphones/earphones to avoid audio echo

  • Use Google Chrome latest version as a preferred web browser

  • Allow your camera and mic permissions in the browser

  • Try sharing your browser tab with audio in case you have a video presentation

  • In case you are using a Mac, allow screen recording/sharing permissions from your settings. Click here to know more

  • Turn off any additional memory consuming application on your device

  • Avoid using firewall-protected networks or VPNs and join via an open/home network

  • Make sure to test your device compatibility while joining the studio

  • Ensure you have closed the Attendee view