Minimum operating requirements for Hubilo Event Platform

For Event Platform

System OS:

  • Mac OS - Version 10 or later

  • iPhone & iPad OS - Version 13 or later

  • Windows OS - Version 8 or later

  • Android OS - Android 11 or later

Suggested Browser ​(​Use Google Chrome for best user experience)


  • Google Chrome - Version 116 (Recommended)

  • Safari - Version 16 or later

  • Firefox - Version 110 or above

iPad & iPhone:

  • Safari - Version 13 or later


  • Google Chrome - Version 93 or later (Recommended)

  • Firefox - Version 91 or later


  • Google Chrome - Version 81 or later (Recommended)

Embed Video - Youtube & Vimeo:

  • If you are adding a youtube or Vimeo video on Hubilo event, please ensure that's its privacy setting is set to Public & embed option is enabled.

1:1 Meetings, Lounge & Room:

  • Click here​ to know more about allowing, selecting, and switching your mic & camera settings in the browser

  • Use Google Chrome Browser & Event Mobile App (IOS/Android)

  • Ensure to give permission to use your Microphone & Camera on your device

  • Join from an Open network and not via the restricted office network.

  • Ensure you are not connected to the VPN or have any firewall restrictions

Still, having issues with meetings on Hubilo? Share the following details with your IT/Tech team and get the ports whitelisted on the network.

For the New community:

  1. Destination Ports

    TCP - 80; 443; 3433; 4700 - 5000; 5668; 5669; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9667; 30011 - 30013
    UDP - 3478; 4700 - 5000


  2. Websocket URL to ensure seamless realtime communication on 1:1 chats, session watch time, live chats and reactions in Sessions, Rooms and Lounges.


    Websocket URL-chat-web.hubilo.comTCP- 443; 80
    Websocket URL-chat-v2.hubilo.comTCP 443 ; 80


    Kindly use this link - to check if the mentioned websockets are working on your device.


  3. Add the following destination domains and the corresponding ports to the firewall whitelist:


**Disable the Pop-up blocker on the browser | ​Click here​ to know more about it.


For the Mobile Apps:


Devices supporting iOS 13 and above will work, including iPad5th+/iPhone6S+.
Anything lower than the above-mentioned version will not work.

List of Devices:

iPad5th Gen+
iPadProiPhone 6s/7/8/X/Xs/Xr
iPhone 11/12/13/Pro/Max


The Android app is compatible with Android phones and tablets running on an operating system of 6.0 and above. Our apps can only be downloaded on Android devices that have access to the Google Play Store. Kindle Fire and other devices that use the Amazon AppStore are not supported.

Real Timeliness in HBS 3.0:

Attendees will only be able to join the Realtime Stream session on desktop and tablet devices. The following conditions apply for attendees:

Mobile Web & App: Attendees accessing the event through the Mobile Web or App will not have the option to join the Realtime Stream session. Realtime Stream participation is limited to desktop and tablet devices.

Unsupported Devices: If the attendee's device is not supported by Hubilo, they will be unable to join the Realtime Stream session. Compatibility with Hubilo's platform is necessary for accessing the session.

Browser Limitations: Attendees must ensure that they are using a supported browser to join the Realtime Stream session. Certain browsers may have limitations or may not be compatible with the streaming technology used by Hubilo.

VPN / Firewall: If an attendee is connecting to the session using a VPN or through a network with strict firewall settings, they may encounter difficulties joining the Realtime Stream. In such cases, attendees should review their network settings and consider adjusting them accordingly to ensure a successful connection.

Please note that the Realtime Stream session is available for attendees using desktop and tablet devices, provided they meet the necessary device, browser, and network requirements.

An attendee can participate in the interactive live stream from a single browser instance. If they attempt to join from multiple instances, they will be switched to the delayed live stream mode.


Points to note regarding Desktop Screen Sharing:

For the best experience, always use Chrome.

Screen sharing is supported on Chrome 58 or later.

Starting from Chrome 74 or later, you have the capability to share local audio playback when screen sharing on desktop.



Screen sharing is supported on Firefox 56 or later. However, please note that on Windows, Firefox does not support the application mode for screen sharing.



Screen sharing is supported on Edge 80 or later on Windows 10 and above.



Screen sharing is supported on macOS Safari 13 or later. In Safari, the end-user can only share the whole screen and cannot share specific application windows or tabs.


For only Safari 17.X Browsers: HBS users might encounter issues with video tile blinking. This is a webkit issue with RTC technology and safari browsers, hence we are informing clients to use the latest chrome browser. For iPad users, the latest version of chrome & safari browser may face this issue (as chrome is built on Safari), hence we are informing users on the interface about the same

Note:We do not support rooted devices, in case somehow someone is able to manage and run our apps on rooted devices, functionality or its usage behavior is not guaranteed. We only support verified versions of Android OS/iOS.